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Longing for the skills needed to achieve a more just and sustainable world for all?

Hungry to grow, work, and journey with others in community?

Thinking of moving to Earthaven or another intentional community and want to know more?


Experience a deeper connection to place and self! If you can’t come to us, let’s make a date online.

Live Virtual Tours — an interactive journey through Earthaven Ecovillage with a community member as your guide. The tour includes a slideshow presentation followed by Q&A.

Self-Paced Programs — workshop, tour, and live event recordings, and self-paced courses.

Live Workshops — live online workshops that offer topics springing from the wellspring of our village.

SOIL Compositions — essays, interviews, articles, and stories that introduce the wide range of philosophies, wisdom, and teachings that have influenced us. [FREE]

Online learning at SOIL


Slide from virtual tour of Earthaven Ecovillage

Virtual Ecovillage Tour

Date: TBD
Recording available now

Experience the magic of ecovillage living with a tour.

Zoom in for a virtual tour and take a stroll through Earthaven with an Earthaven member. Learn about living in community and strategies for living life another way.

Want to take the tour now? View the recording from an earlier tour.

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Women's circle at Earthaven Ecovillage

Growing Women’s Circles or Red Tents

Saturday, September 9, 2-5 pm
Recording available now

Create community with women.

Women’s Circles are an important way for women to connect with each other and with themselves. The Red Tent is a multi-generational woman-only space where women can honor the cycles of our lives. After taking this class, you will feel equipped to offer Women’s Circles and/or Red Tent Circles for the women in your life and have more structure for your own personal practice. Please join me in the Red Tent!

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Self-paced Courses and Recordings

Two women caring for a baby

People Care at Earthaven

Self-paced Course

An overview of the social, emotional, and relational aspects of village life.

Culture at Earthaven Ecovillage is both intentionally and organically created based on both the people who come together and the purpose they hold dear. Lee Warren exposes the invisible infrastructure that binds us to each other, to the land, and to the ecovillage project.

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LEAPs - Earthaven's alternative currency

Village Economics at Earthaven

Self-paced course

The ins and outs of money and wealth at Earthaven Ecovillage.

A viable economy is a key component to the success of all ecovillage and residential community projects. Earthaven looks towards a more elegant, fair-share design for economics, which includes such things as right livelihood, living wages, sustainability, cooperation, and village well-being. Join Lee Warren and envision a new story about time, money, and wealth.

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Green-built house with gardens and solar hot water

Place-Based Living at Earthaven

Self-paced Course

Visitors to Earthaven Ecovillage are often surprised that we are not yet fully sustainable or 100% self-sufficient. In this self-paced course, sustainability expert and Earthaven member Lee Warren helps define the context and describe our journey of moving from a consumer culture to a land-based, place-based life.

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Doug Elliott and ground hog

Wild Tales — Strange But True Tales of the Natural World

Online video

Concert with Storyteller and Naturalist Doug Elliott.

Have you ever had a swarm of bees fall on your head, been swallowed by a snake, dined on coon, or read God’s handwriting on the back of a trout? Well, Doug Elliott has, and he tells you all about it. This program is flavored with natural history, traditional lore, outrageous personal narratives, regional dialects, soulful harmonica songs and more than a few belly laughs.

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Plastering a wall in a natural building

Introduction to Natural Building

Workshop recording

Explore natural building methods and materials.

Inspired by the idea of building or remodeling with more natural and sustainable materials but don’t know quite where to start?
In this workshop, you will gain an appreciation and understanding of what is possible with natural materials. There are no “cookie cutters” here — each place is different and each project reflects our best attempts to balance all our desires with realities.

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