Saturday Sessions

Get a taste of Earthaven’s living laboratory in a Saturday Session. Come out to Earthaven for the afternoon or augment a Saturday in-person tour to glean insights and learn new skills in our villager-led programs. When our forested campground is open April through October, you can extend your Earthaven visit to the weekend. In most programs, you can join residents in a late Sunday morning work party related to the program topic.

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Workshop at Earthaven Ecovillage

Upcoming Programs

Soil components

Soil Health, Human Health

July 13, 1–4 pm, with optional Sunday work party

Delve into the fascinating connections between nutrient-rich soils, plant vitality, and the health impacts on the plants we consume. Gain insights into gardening practices that not only nurture the Earth but also foster robust human health and ecological harmony. Grow more nutritious vegetables for your family.

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Dining room in Leela at Earthaven Ecovillage

Natural Building Tour

August 10, 1–4 pm

See inside naturally built homes and talk with their residents and builders! Earthaven is known for its wide range of natural buildings. This afternoon tour will provide rare access to the interiors of homes. Residents and builders will share their experiences in building and living in these buildings.

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fermented vegetables

Vegetable Fermentation

September 7, 1–4 pm, with optional Sunday work party

Embark on a flavorful journey of vegetable preservation and probiotics! Join us for a hands-on experience where you’ll learn the art and science of transforming fresh vegetables into delicious, gut-friendly delights. Explore the ancient craft of fermentation as we cover essential techniques, fermentation vessel selection, and the magic of cultivating beneficial microbes. 

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Hands holding a peony flower

Home Funerals, Home Burials

November 2, 1–4 pm

A half-day introduction to death care at Earthaven. After experiencing eight deaths in eight years along with extensive study with our mentors, we are sharing our experiences with others who are looking to feel empowered to care for and honor their dead from their homes with their family and friends. Learn your rights and options.

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Mandala with corn, sumac, and black beans

Biochar, Milpa Farming & Ecstatic Tortilla Griddling

November 9, 1–5 pm

An afternoon of griddling fresh tortillas while discussing milpa culture. “Milpa” describes an ancient and elegant community-scale indigenous farming way that integrates annual crops, tree crops, fungi and animals through the long-term management of forest succession, creating a nutrient-dense cuisine as well as fiber, medicine, firewood for cooking, building materials and cultural continuity. Get a feel for our ancestral ways through stories and hands-on activities.

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Village Terraces building at Earthaven Ecovillage

Developing Off-Grid Infrastructure

TBD 2025

Personal sustainability in a land-based context. This afternoon program includes a presentation and discussion of Earthaven’s off-grid infrastructure systems, including water, waste, power, access, and buildings. Gain ideas and learn what questions to ask to properly assess the land and explore systems appropriate for your project. Because this class is based on a self-inquiry process aimed at exposing what motivates YOU, you can learn a lot even if your project or orientation is different than Earthaven.

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Herbs hanging to dry

Bioregional Herbalism

TBD 2025

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of nature’s pharmacy. Discover the time-honored traditions of herbal medicine as you explore the unique flora that thrives in these ancient mountains. This course combines traditional knowledge with modern understanding, offering a holistic approach to herbalism.

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