Virtual Ecovillage Tours

Are you curious about Earthaven?

Thinking about making serious changes in your life?

Have you read the Earthaven website and want to ask questions of a real person?

There’s nothing like experiencing ecovillage life first hand, but taking a virtual tour of Earthaven is a close second! 

The tour highlights ways in which Earthaven is striving to be a holistic, sustainable culture. The introductory overview tour examines the concept of sustainability at Earthaven through social, ecological, and economic lenses. Not only will you get a glimpse of what has worked through time, but also hear about what has been challenging.

Slide from virtual tour of Earthaven Ecovillage

Experience the magic of ecovillage living from your home!

Earthaven Ecovillage overview map
Earthaven Virtual tour Zoom screen

Virtual Tour Details

The 2-hour session includes a live slideshow presentation from an Earthaven tour guide followed by Q&A.

As part of the registration process, you will be enrolled for this event and have an account on our student portal, which has the Zoom information. You will also receive an email message the day before the tour with Zoom information.

When the recording is available, generally within two days of the virtual tour, you will receive an email message with the location of the recording. You will receive access to the recording for at least one year whether you attend the tour or not.


Customized Virtual Tours

Want to take a tour with a group you already belong to? Contact us to arrange a customized virtual tour at a time convenient for your group and where your group has the full attention of the tour guide.

Virtual Tour Recording

The virtual tour will be recorded. Please note that if you choose to ask a question or make a comment on camera during the call, you will be included in the recording. You are welcome to use a pseudonym and/or keep your video off if you have privacy concerns.

This recording is shared with all registered participants within 48 hours of the tour and may also be used in future online learning programs.




Live sessions resume in Fall 2024.

See it now!

Virtual Tour Recording

You have access to the recording for at least one year after purchase.

The virtual tour was informative and really gave us a sense of the community as well as the natural environment. I haven’t met any of you yet but I feel a connection and I am proud of all you for the hard work… the blood, sweat, and tears you moved through to make this happen!

Jeffrey B.