About the School of Integrated Living

School of Integrated Living (SOIL) is the education program of Culture’s Edge, a 501(c)3 educational non-profit corporation based at Earthaven Ecovillage. SOIL teaches whole-life skills for a radically different and sustainable future.

We believe that sustainability and life-skill education is crucial for addressing the challenges of a planet in peril, looming economic collapse, and growing social fragmentation.

SOIL’s mission is to populate the world with empowered, skilled, and conscious leaders dedicated to creating regenerative change and healthy relationships.

Happy campers at a SOIL workshop
Integrating learnings and working on crafts at a SOIL workshop
SOIL is for planting the seeds of change, and reshaping our inner and outer ecologies. We offer a broad curriculum ranging from Deep Ecology to Non Violent Communication, from Nature Connection to Grief Tending, from Ancient Wisdom to Renewable Energy.

We strive to create embodied knowledge by providing experiential learning within the unique context of a living laboratory… our campus at Earthaven Ecovillage.

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Culture’s Edge

Culture’s Edge was founded in 1996, two years after Earthaven was created. Based on the expertise of Earthaven residents, Culture’s Edge became a regional leader in permaculture and natural building training, attracting students and apprentices from around the world to study at Earthaven.

Applying natural plaster at a natural building workshop