Growing Women’s Circles or Red Tents

Creating Community With Women

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A women’s circle is a small group of women who meet regularly for some purpose. They are an important way for women to connect with each other and with themselves. The focus of the circle can be anything that the women have in common. 

The Red Tent is a multi-generational woman-only space where women can honor the cycles of our lives. It is a place for women to speak the unspeakable, to name our experiences, our fears and joys of womanhood, and to connect with other women. A Red Tent Ritual is a sacred space set aside to sing, to speak our truth and to sink into the cycles. All women are welcome in the Red Tent, whether you are bleeding, past bleeding, or yet to bleed; whether you have a womb or have had a hysterectomy.

If you want to start facilitating Women’s Circles and Red Tents or want to empower yourself in your own practice, this class will guide you into the Women’s Mysteries of the Red Tent. We will talk about the history (herstory) of the Red Tent and the power of women’s space. You will learn basic structure of ritual creation, tips about facilitating ritual, how to set up the physical space, as well as many songs, chants, and meditations.

After this workshop, you will feel equipped to offer Women’s Circles and/or Red Tent Circles for the women in your life and have more structure for your own personal practice. Please join me in the Red Tent!

Women's circle at Earthaven Ecovillage
Red Tent Blessing


The workshop has one three-hour session, which will be held over Zoom. The workshop will be recorded and participants have access to the recording for at least a year after the program.

The workshop covers:

  • Eight steps to ritual creation, including sacred songs, setting up physical space, group meditations for Women’s Space
  • Next steps for starting a Women’s Circle
  • Option to participate in a virtual Red Tent
Red Tent Altar


Sliding Scale: $45 – $75


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What’s Included

Recording of the workshop, reference information, lyrics and recordings for four songs for at least one year after purchase.

About the Instructor

Kaitlin Ilya Wolf

Kaitlin Ilya Wolf


Kaitlin works with the many cycles around us and within us. She is ordained as a Priestess of Cycles, is a Priestess of the Red Tent, and is the founder of the Red Tent at Earthaven. Much of her work is with women and Women’s Mysteries. She facilitates rituals and ceremonies for large and small groups, individuals, and her community. She has supported many in finding their path through life, both as an instructor and as a counselor. Kaitlin has lived at Earthaven for over 14 years.