Village Deep Dives

DIY and Grassroots Education based in Lived Experience

Village Deep Dives are live five-week online workshops that offer in-depth explorations into topics connected to health and wealth from the wellspring of our village.

You will journey with experienced ecovillagers, who offer the opportunity to build crucial skills and deepen into more complex understandings that are essential for community living and village building.

Build a skill set, get to know the village instructors, dive into a topic in depth. You’ll come away with a tangible understanding of the topic as well as tools to work on your own project, for your own life, with concrete movement to go in the direction you desire.

Permaculture instructor Zev Friedman teaching college group

Upcoming Deep Dives

Mollie, Kimchi, and Lee with Kimchi's death documents

Conscious Living, Conscious Dying

Starts November 12
Fridays, 4-6 pm Eastern time

Join Lee Warren in this deep dive to contemplate end-of-life intentions and prepare the appropriate documents in a supportive group process. This workshop is based on our integrated village experience from several deaths in our ecovillage, help from our mentors, wisdom from the dying, and a synthesis of the celebrations of an intentional end-of-life process and challenges when papers aren’t in order. 

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Flowing river with statue at Earthaven Ecovillage

Nature as Medicine

Starts December 6
Mondays, 3-5 pm Eastern time

Join Swami Ravi in this deep dive into developing a nourishing and healing connection with the nature around you. As our lives have become more complicated and organized around technological advances, our health has faltered. This series looks at how interlinked the health of our bodies is with the health of Gaia, and the ways in which genuine healing can address both.

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Compassion Campers Having Loads of Fun

Five Relationship Skills for Thriving in Community

Starts January 10
Mondays, 7-9 pm Eastern time

Join Steve Torma in this deep dive into relationship skills that can transform your life: gratitude, empathy, honest expression, needs-based negotiation, and relationship repair. Whether you live in an intentional community, volunteer with an organization, work with a team, or have a group of friends or family, learning and practicing these skills can deepen your connection with others and help you experience more joy in life.

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The Deep Dive Experience

Interactive Two-Hour Sessions

Enjoy five weekly two-hour live online sessions with one of our awesome ecovillagers.

Learn in a dynamic setting with presentations, group discussion, small group activities, and question and answer sessions.

Share Your Journey

Journey with others on the same path, share experiences, and make connections

Learn from those ahead of you and share with those just getting started. Hear answers to the questions you haven’t thought of yet and learn about the path ahead.

Tools For Your Future

Worksheets and reference materials meet you where you are.

And you always have access to the recordings, worksheets, and reference materials for another source of inspiration.