NikiAnne Feinberg

NikiAnne Feinberg

Director, Founder, Faculty

NikiAnne has dedicated much of her life energy for the past two decades to facilitating transformative learning journeys, particularly in community settings, and with folks in transition — between vocations; stages of life, including death; and those working to live into new, more life-giving stories of the world and themselves. Whether NikiAnne is facilitating spaces that help alchemize our grief into joy and enhance our sense of belonging, serving as a mentor to village youth, providing end-of-life and after-death care as a death care midwife, or holding a strong container for people to feel safe and supported enough to be vulnerable and do the courageous, sacred work they showed up to do, she is always partnering with the ancestors, the natural world, the power of ritual, and others to best serve the whole.

NikiAnne often considers herself the grease and glue, applying whichever is needed to help things run smoothly or hold things together. She’s also excellent at tracking nuances and is skillful at working with these subtleties in ways that serve the situation at hand.

Before co-founding SOIL in 2012, she worked and traveled through much of Asia, the Americas, and Europe. These travels made her formal education at George Washington University in International Affairs come alive in ways that can only happen through personal experience and relationships.  Collectively, these experiences have undeniably shaped her cooperative cultural values and commitment to supporting groups and individuals to think, feel, act, and design from a foundation rooted in interdependence and trust. No matter what she’s facilitating, NikiAnne strives to reflect their highest selves, honor their whole selves – gifts, passions, blind spots, shadows, and support everyone to find and fill niches that uplift the heart of humanity in their respective communities. To NikiAnne, this is how the web of life is woven and the fabric of culture is repaired.


“I believe that this program truly would not have succeeded, flourished even, without the infinite talents and knowledge of NikiAnne.  The majority of us were strangers and are now leaving as friends, something that wouldn’t have happened without the brilliance of NikiAnne.” ~ Caitlyn, participant

“Her focus, planning, flexibility and attention to detail, coupled with her intimate knowledge of Earthaven, helped create an experience both unique, powerful and fulfilling.” ~ Dr. Todd LaVasseur, College of Charleston

“NikiAnne is a beautiful, inspirational, spirit who added a comfortable presence and guide through emotions.  She is a bridge to where I would like to bring my life. ” ~ Jule

“She has an inner knowledge that not many possess in today’s world.  She is a role model who exudes beauty, humility, intelligence, and an instructional brilliance that any human would be more than lucky to learn from, aspire to be and grow with.” ~ Caitlyn

“NikiAnne facilitates self-exploration beautifully. She feeds the fire of curiosity and passion for making change in community and beyond.” ~ Alli

“NikiAnne shared from not only her mind, but her heart. We really got a wonderful window into life at Earthaven. And she handled hard questions from attendees with grace and ease.” ~ Jonathan