Compassion Camp

Ten Thousand Love Letters Registration

July 15-18, 2021

Earthaven Ecovillage
Near Asheville, NC

The Ten Thousand Love Letters project has received a generous donation for scholarships for Compassion Camp. If you have been selected for this program, please register on this page.

The program includes food and camping. Indoor lodging is sold out. If you need indoor lodging, please contact us for nearby options.

For more information about Compassion Camp, see the Compassion Camp web page.


Complete the registration form once per participant. It takes 5-10 minutes. If you selected transportation support, which is not covered by the program, you can pay online with a credit card or send a check.

After your enrollment is processed, you will receive several confirmations…

  1. An automatic confirmation of receiving your registration form.
  2. A payment confirmation from our card processor if you paid with a credit card
  3. Confirmation from our registrar that your registration has been processed, generally within 24 hours
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Compassion Camp

July 15-18, 2021
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