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Transform, Connect, and Heal Ritual Weekend

May 4–6, 2018
7–9 pm Friday
9 am–5 pm Saturday
9 am–12 pm Sunday

Sobonfu Some

at Earthaven Ecovillage
near Asheville, North Carolina

Sobonfu Somé, the teacher and healer behind SOIL's grief rituals in 2013 and 2015, became an ancestor last year. In celebration of her legacy, SOIL is honored to offer this weekend of ritual practice and learning at Earthaven Ecovillage.

Cost: $175–$250 sliding scale

Early registration encouraged!
Scholarships available.

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Grow through Ritual at Earthaven Ecovillage

Council Hall by Ryan KedarSusan Hough and Jennifer Halls, two of Sobonfu Somé's long-time students, friends, and initiates into the Ritual Healing Village, will lead this weekend of ritual exploration. Susan provides coaching, mentoring, and rituals through Living Your Gifts in California, while Jennifer works as an intuition consultant, medium, and ritual facilitator through You know. Together, they will combine their gifts with Sobonfu's ritual work to foster deep connection with the land, ancestors, and innate wisdom. No experience with ritual is necessary — the only requirement is letting expectations go and being open to new opportunities for growth.

In Sobonfu's Dagara tradition of West Africa, 2018 is aligned with the element of Nature. Sobonfu was also born in a nature year — appropriate given her calling for transformation, magic, and uncovering the true self. Sobonfu used to say that the difference between ceremony and ritual is that in ceremony, you know the outcome. This weekend focuses on the practice of ritual, in which the true outcome might not be understood until long after the end. On the immediate level, however, ritual is a powerful way to transform inner and outer situations, connect to Spirit, and deeply heal on many levels.

Weekend Outline

On Friday night, trance medium Jennifer Halls will be channeling her teachers in spirit, The Celt and The Lady. Together, these two bring experiential connection to what is needed for the weekend and to the individual in general — Sobonfu used to say of Jennifer's channeling, "It's the only time the ants in my brain go quiet." Each participant will call in helpful ancestors to support the group, allowing everyone to feel connection with the land, Spirit, and their own wisdom. Everyone's experience will be a bit different, and there will be time to share and build the energy of the ritual community. By sleeping after this experience, participants can process the night through dreamtime, creating a powerfully focused bond to continue through the weekend.

Yellow FlowerOn Saturday, Susan Hough will lead the group though the meaning and characteristics of the five Dagara elements, with the main focus being on Nature. Susan and Jennifer will then facilitate the community creation of a powerful Nature ritual for transformation to occur in connection with Spirit. Change is happening rapidly in the world, but when these changes don't resonate with belief, they can cause inner turmoil. This Nature ritual will help participants heal, prune aspects holding back their growth, and show up for the true needs of the world. Using the clarity that emerges from this ritual, participants will be prepared to align new growth with the needs of the land, their community, and beyond.

On Sunday, the group will close the ritual and perform an honoring of Sobonfu Somé. So many were touched by Sobonfu's wisdom, teaching, laughter, grace, fierceness, practicality, profoundness, and immense love. This final day will help participants renegotiate their relationships with her and with others who have passed.

About the Facilitators

Susan HoughSusan Hough is the co-founder of Living Your Gifts, an integrated personal coaching practice in Long Beach, California. Susan is a CTI-certified Life Coach with a BSW and over thirty years of experience in the traditional therapeutic healing fields, specializing in working with women, families, and teens. She has completed healing and ritual trainings with Mietek Wierkus, Mary Branch Grove, Jennifer Halls, and internationally renowned African spiritualist Sobonfu Somé. Susan is a graduate of Sobonfu's Ritual Healing Village and was mentored by her for 16 years. Susan combines traditional training with a connection to spirit and indigenous wisdom, in her transformational coaching.

Jennifer HallsJennifer Halls is a natural intuitive and an expert at helping people own and use their intuition. She is the developer of You know® and a practicing intuition coach, consultant, and teacher. Since 1986, she has led thousands of sessions to help clients experience and understand their intuitive-guidance systems. Her methods are straightforward, practical, and fun — Jennifer believes that intuition is a natural part of a normal and happy life.


Accommodations and Food

Participants will camp in the forested Earthaven campground. Most campground sites are designed for two-person tents; some can accommodate larger tents. Several RV spots (no hookups) are also available. The campground offers drinking water, a tarp-covered kitchen with propane burners for cooking and heating water, and an outhouse with a composting toilet and hand wash station. A flush toilet is available in the Council Hall nearby. Electricity is available from solar panels and two small hydropower stations — there is minimal internet access and no cell phone reception, although landline phones are available for short phone calls or emergencies. Private indoor lodging options are also available; contact SOIL for further details.

Participants have the option of purchasing catered lunches at $12 each; breakfasts and dinners over the weekend are self-directed. As much food as possible is sourced from Earthaven and its surrounding organic farms and gardens, with some ingredients sourced from local grocery stores. We aim for food that is seasonal, local, fresh, wildcrafted, humanely raised, and organic. Grains, beans, and nuts are often pre-soaked; vegetables are served raw, fermented, and cooked; soup stocks are made from the bones of our livestock; fats are high-quality animal fats (butter, lard, and tallow), coconut oil, and olive oil (with no trans fats, synthetic oils, or processed vegetable oils); and sweeteners (raw sugar, molasses, honey, and maple syrup) are used minimally.

How to secure your space

Register: Fill out the registration form. Please give yourself plenty of time to complete the application, because it cannot be saved until submitted.

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Payment: Payment can be submitted by check, money order, PayPal, or credit card. If paying online, use the widget below to select your tuition and other options, then select "Add to Cart." After the page refreshes, select the "Checkout with PayPal" option and continue through the PayPal website. Scholarships are available; contact NikiAnne at info@schoolofintegratedliving.org for more information.

Transform, Connect, and Heal Ritual Weekend
Transform, Connect, and Heal Ritual Weekend
SOIL offers sliding scale tuition for this weekend as part of our effort to create affordable, broadly accessible programs. Please consider your needs and resources to determine what might be a stretch, but not a strain, for you to invest in this personal learning opportunity.
Price: $175.00
Tuition Sliding Scale $175–$250 :
Lodging :
Food :

If paying offline, please send a check or money order payable to the following address and note the program for which you are registering in the memo field:

School of Integrated Living
11 Full Circle Trail
Black Mountain, NC 28711

Crowdfunding and Fundraising: Check out our Crowdfunding and Fundraising page for creative ways to engage your community and launch a "Community Supported Education" campaign. This approach can help support your investment in yourself, your community, the planet, and future generations.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel, you may transfer your place in the program to anyone of your choosing, who will need to register online. You can also donate your place to someone who would not be able to participate without financial assistance.

A 50% tuition refund is available until April 1, 2018.
After April 1, 2018, there will be NO refunds.

If SOIL cancels this program for any reason whatsoever, 100% of your tuition will be refunded.

Contact NikiAnne at info@schoolofintegratedliving.org with registration questions.

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