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In the Appalachian Mountains near Asheville, NC

Be prepared and skill-up in 2015! And save the date for the Grief Ritual in November!

Upcoming Programs Grief Ritual with Sobonfu Somé

Guiding the Young Child

March 14 & 15
Enhance joy, laughter and calm in your family and community through the art of loving, storytelling, and playful discipline. A workshop for parents & educators with Lia Grippo.

Guiding the Young Child

Village Permaculture Apprenticeship

March 20 to Early November
Join Zev Friedman in the age-old apprenticeship way of teaching and learning. An integrated experience delivered organically through a permaculture lifestyle at Earthaven.


Shoemaking with Michael Ismerio

April 9-12, 2015
Learn how to make 10th Century Scandinavian Turnshoes from a seasoned professional. Not only will you have the skills to make leather shoes, you will walk away in a pair you made yourself.


Farm and Ecovillage Experience

June 14-21, 2015
Learning through experience, participants become intimately familiar with the three-legged stool of sustainability: environmental, social, and economic with a specific focus on organic food production, regenerative systems, and community living. Experience ecovillage living at Earthaven.

Farm and Ecovillage Experience


Photo Gallery

Take a photo tour of farms, work, village, plants, and systems that are part of the Farm & Ecovillage Immersion.

Take a Full Photo Tour