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In the Appalachian Mountains near Asheville, NC

Permaculture School
A yearlong learning journey with a 3-month residency at Earthaven Ecovillage.

June 8-Sept 2, 2016

Farm and Ecovillage Experience

June 17-22, 2016
Want to live a more nourishing and sustainable life? Come experience community living, study organic food cultivation and permaculture, see off-the-grid renewable energy systems in practice, tour eco-friendly, conscious buildings and learn about creative economies.

Farm and Ecovillage Experience

Permaculture Design Course

June 10-26, 2016
Gain experience in systems-thinking and ethics-based approaches to observing, integrating, and creating thriving, bio-diverse environments for people, place and planet.

Permaculture Design Course

Permaculture Short Courses

July-August 2016
Seven Permaculture Short Courses Over Two Months. Highly informative and skill-building workshops for both those who are just beginning an exploration into permaculture and the potential pitfalls of living a sustainable and regenerative life, as well as those who have been on this journey for years.

Short Courses

Leadership Initiation Project

August 15-21 2016
Do you wish to feel fully alive in every life stage and support others to do so as well? The Leadership Initiation Project teaches Advanced Connective Practices and routines that provide a natural template for building and maintaining balance and connection in oneself, within families, and within community.

LIP East Coast


Photo Gallery

Take a photo tour of farms, work, village, plants, and systems that are part of the Farm & Ecovillage Immersion.

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