Dr. Terrie Lewine

Dr. Terrie Lewine

Compassion Camp Co-Director

Terrie (she/her) focuses her work on deep self-awareness, communication and relationship work. She offers online classes and in-person workshops for individuals and couples, private coaching sessions, and supports organizations in team building and effective conflict resolution strategies.

Terrie has trained with Marshall Rosenberg, PhD, The Center for Nonviolent Communication, as well as many other mentors and organizations. She has a personal commitment to sustainable living practices. Read more about Terrie here.

In 2018, Terrie and Steve Torma birthed Compassion Camp in collaboration with SOIL. They have been deeply enriched by using NVC in their own lives, relationships,  communities and with the people they serve. Having felt the power of NVC to transform lives they are excited to create a gathering where people can come together to learn from each other, celebrate, and network. While deeply inspired by NVC, their vision of a compassionate world includes many other aspects of creating the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

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