Earthaven tour guide and podcast host Sara Carter

Sara Carter

Integrated Living Podcast Co-host, Tour Guide, Cook

Sara (she/her) has called Earthaven home since she arrived for a Spring Apprenticeship in 2009. She has learned and honed many skills and crafts in her time in WNC, from wielding a chainsaw or carving a spoon to facilitating Earthaven Council meetings and taking care of her neighborhood’s solar grid. Sara is an avid reader, podcast listener, and conversationalist. SOIL’s Integrated Living Podcast is Sara’s first podcast project, though she has dabbled in recording audio for years.

Sara strives to live life in a way that feels authentic and fulfilling, showing up in her community and the wider world with vulnerability and intention. She serves those in her life with presence, fine listening skills, insight and capacity to hold depth, grief and the myriad complications of life. Her life is endlessly enriched through her work with the young children of Earthaven.

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