Primative skills expert Sara Calloway

Sara Callaway

Program Coordinator

Sara (she/her) is a country girl from the coastal plain of South Georgia. who currently lives in (and tolerates the cold of) the Appalachian mountains of Western North Carolina mostly because the people are really, really excellent here.  She is passionate about learning, nurturing awareness and compassion, tending the land, growing vegetables, and having meaningful conversations.  Sara has experience organizing, managing, and teaching adult nature connection programs, primitive skills, and organic farming.  You may find her supporting an in-person program for SOIL.  

Sara is a deeply practical human being who seeks to understand the journey of life so as to live it more fully and help others do the same.  Her twin passions are culture and nature.  An avid reader of personal growth books, she also has a degree in Anthropology and a passion for developing conscious community.  She has trained in Nonviolent Communication (NVC), peacemaking, shadow work, alternative conflict resolution, sacred sensuality, and rites of passage.  

A former organic farm manager, Sara has a deeply rooted love of plants, trees, rocks, and other beings, a desire to share that love with others, and a continual longing to live in sync with the seasons.  She’s a Kamana trained naturalist (Wilderness Awareness School), an instructor in primitive skills (especially friction fire), and has been active in the Earthskills community for over 15 years.

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