Sanni Pääkkönen

Sanni Pääkkönen

Wellness Faculty

Sanni is a seer, frequency practitioner, and retreat facilitator with an extraordinary gift to bring forth profound transformation and healing. She guides clients to release repeating distorting patterns from their DNA, mind, and soul to calibrate their physical reality, relationships, work, and health into the most coherent expression. Sanni was born and raised in the lake district of Finland, the home of the dry heat saunas. She grew up with daily sauna culture and her true-to-roots grandparents passed on the simple yet powerful healing tradition of the Finnish sauna. It is close to her heart to share it with those that are willing to sweat for the deeper renewal and transformation unfolding from the inside out!

Deeply studied in metaphysics and somatic healing, Sanni is known as an inspirational speaker, a loving teacher, and an efficient embodiment facilitator who leads by example, and catalyzes the pure potential in others. She is currently focused on sharing Somatic Frequency Work, a fully matured fruit of her life work, that weaves the science and Spirit together to uncover the most important thing: to know your Spirit intimately and embody it fully to serve the Eternal Purpose.

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