Place-Based Living at Earthaven Ecovillage — An Overview of Our Land-Based Infrastructure


Self-paced online course about the land-based infrastructure at Earthaven Ecovillage.


Self-paced Online Course

What does the journey from consumer culture to a rural, place-based life look like?

Mostly, and for the first few decades, it has looked like an intense focus on developing physical infrastructure.

This workshop explores the actual lived experiences of the past 25 years of building the tangible elements of our village. We explore the concept of “place” through the lenses of land clearing and road building practices; home, agriculture, and common building construction including natural building systems; and the development of utilities such as power, water, heat, and waste.

Discover where we live, the context of our project, and the many ways we’ve approached the complexities of land-based living. Discuss whole systems design as it relates to self-reliance, sustainability, and regeneration.

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Lee Warren

What's included

11 videos totaling 73 minutes. Each video has subtitles, and includes resources and a transcription.

You have access to this course for at least one year.