Permaculture Retreat with Scott Mann

This program is cancelled.

Join Scott Mann, host of The Permaculture Podcast, for an in-person immersion in Ecological Literacy and Design at Earthaven Ecovillage.

This retreat is presented by Learn From Travel. For additional information and to register, see the Learn From Travel website.

Butterfly and bee on a flower at Earthaven Ecovillage


  • The content of the retreat will take into account each participant’s specific context (environment, resources, skills, etc.) You’ll have ample opportunity to speak with Scott one on one.

  • Tour the 27 year old Earthaven Ecovillage experiment to learn how the land the residents have been transformed through permaculture practices. You’ll understand the history and purpose of the ecovillage and gain insight into community living and alternative strategies and solutions for social, environmental and economic sustainability.

  • At the end you’ll share a brief presentation on how you will apply what you learned and what resources you have available for ecological literacy, base map creation, and appropriate overlays.

If you are new to permaculture, this retreat will take your understanding beyond books and into the landscape where you can learn from experienced permaculture practitioners. You’ll leave this retreat with the skills and understanding of how to practice permaculture in your everyday life. You can join Scott in the future, online or in-person, for a Permaculture Practicum to receive your Permaculture Design Certificate.

If you’ve completed a Permaculture Design Course, join us to hone your skills in reading the landscape, reexamine the core concepts of permaculture, and gain new insights into your design process.


  • Introduction

    • Ecological literacy and reading the landscape — learn to look at a site in relation to a specific project as well as part of a larger whole.
    • Creating a base map
    • Researching local ecology
    • Performing a needs and yields analysis.
  • Designing with permaculture
    • Ethics of permaculture
    • Discussion of different sets of principles
    • The zone model
  • Go deeper with base maps
    • Analytic overlays and technical diagrams used in the physical environment, like a garden or homestead
    • Apply this thinking to invisible structures like economics or organizational development.
  • Guest Speaker: Natalie Bogwalker, founder of Wild Abundance:
    • Natalie joins us to lead a walk through the woods of Earthaven to discuss foraging, plants, and useful trees; the permaculture plants of Southern Appalachia; and the Fables and Foibles of Wild Abundance.