People Care at Earthaven Ecovillage

An Overview of the Social, Emotional, and Relational Aspects of Village Life

Self-paced Online Course

Culture at Earthaven Ecovillage is both intentionally and organically created based on both the people who come together and the purpose they hold dear. Examine the invisible infrastructure that binds us to each other, to the land, and to the ecovillage project.

We’ll discuss how we surf our similarities and navigate our differences; the various tools we use to negotiate the joys and challenges of daily life; our diversity of stances on politics, spirituality, and conflict; how we dance with the stages and phases of life (birth, children, marriage, divorce, death); as well as our ongoing awakening regarding issues of race and gender equity.

Explore with us the ups and downs of these central aspects of village life.

Two women caring for a baby
Tree-planting for wedding ceremony



Video 1: Introduction to the course and instructor.


Video 2: Overview of people care at Earthaven, including the three-legged stool of sustainability metaphor and related models, impact of the mainstream focus on profit, and a definition of “ecovillage.”

Components of People Care

Video 3: Earthaven demographics, equity, spiritual beliefs, family structures, diet and lifestyle, and nature immersion.

Video 4: Social glue or social infrastructure, use of technology for social connection, neighborhoods, community work parties, food, spiritual celebrations, affinity groups, and visitors.

Video 5: Families of various types, relationships, children at Earthaven, and the joy of watching children grow into adults.

Video 6: Governance as a form of social connection. Life events, celebrations, seasonal rituals, spiritual practice, and holidays.

Celebrations and Challenges

Video 7: Celebrations of the ways in which our lives are on a path to thriving, including creating real wealth, multigenerationality, personal growth, shared infrastructure, and integrated lives.

Video 8: Challenges of living in community and at Earthaven, including conflict, break ups, lack of privacy, and overwhelm.

Video 9: Growing edges — the places where we’re aspirational — working towards partnership culture and against oppression of all kinds, and nurturing personal growth, interpersonal understanding, and mutual trust.

Wake for ancestory before green burial



What’s Included

Nine videos totaling 56 minutes. Each video has subtitles and includes resources and a transcription.

You have access to this course for at least one year after purchase.

About the Instructor

Lee Warren

Lee Warren

Faculty and SOIL Co-Founder

Lee is a sustainability professional with twenty five years of experience envisioning, designing, and living innovative solutions to organic food systems, intentional community, and sustainability education. She’s been living in rural, land-based community since 1995 and at Earthaven Ecovillage since 2000.