Griffin Abee

Griffin Abee

Yoga Faculty

Griffin moved to the Earthaven area fall of 2002 when she lived and work-traded in a neighborhood adjacent to Earthaven. She began learning about permaculture, natural building, living off grid, fermentation and community living. In 2005, she bought an acre of land near Earthaven. Over the years, she planted fruiting and medicinal plants and built a tiny house with the help of dear friends. Being raised by parents who owned a garden center, Griffin grew up with a passion for growing plants. In 2006, she began an edible landscaping business and planted thousands of useful plants around North and South Carolina. She was very keen to the permaculture principle of stacking functions and in 2009, she earned a degree in Sustainable Development and Appropriate Technology at Appalachian State University.

Griffin has been a student of yoga since her teens and with the first full moon of 2013, at the age of 33, she embarked on the “Road to Self 200hr Teacher Training & Healing Quest” at Free Spirits Yoga in her hometown, Greensboro, NC. The teachings were a perfect fusion for her; Native Wisdom/Shamanic Tradition and the Classical Teaching in the Science of Yoga. She spent a weekend each month for 13 moons, traveling 2 hours to learn and to visit her family. She continued her yoga studies in Asheville in the fall of 2014 when she enrolled in a 300-hour Therapeutic Teacher Training at the Asheville Yoga Center. In exchange for the cost of the program, she installed an edible landscape around the yoga center.

Currently, Griffin lives in Earthaven with her family and owns a small wine business called Alchemy Herbal Wines. She has been teaching yoga regularly since 2013 for children, teens, adults and seniors. Classes vary depending on interests and mobilities. Griffin says that her main goal in teaching yoga is to offer a safe container for others to listen to their body’s wisdom. She emphasizes the importance of breath coordination and self-awareness, in order to safely and effectively deepen love and respect for the body.

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