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Erik (he/him) has over 30 years experience with technology, art, marketing, entrepreneurship, design, and making customers happy. He currently splits his work time between hand-crafting functional ceramics, and offering professional marketing help to small businesses. When he’s not on the computer supporting folks like SOIL, you can probably find him sprucing up the old farm, growing vegetables, giving animal husbandry a try, and hiking with his dog, loving the country living. He’s a voracious reader and eager student of integrated living.

Although he has a business degree from Georgetown University, he’s a generalist with a background in marketing theory & management, a working artist & designer, a numbers & stats dork, and is quite happy wrangling code. He draws monsters too, which is obviously a plus. 🙂 If you’re looking for someone who can put on the Director of Marketing hat, take a look at the overall marketing mix, help steer your business in a direction that is more efficient, and help get the work done where needed, then don’t hesitate to reach out to Erik via Viking Mountain Marketing.

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