Earthaven Campground Information

The Earthaven campground is in a forested area near the village center. The campground has drinking water, a compost toilet, solar shower, and a tarped camp kitchen. The campground does not have electricity. The campground is near the Council Hall for emergency phone calls.

Most camping is in tent sites, with cars parked in a nearby parking lot. Two sites are available for vans, small RVs (30 ft maximum), and car camping. There are no water or electric hookups at these sites.

Note: The campground is closed for the season and is planned to open April 2023.

Tents at the Earthaven campground

Reservations required

You must have a reservation to stay in the campground. Registrations for camping MUST be made at least 2 days before you plan to arrive. Last-minute registrations will not be accepted. Register for camping with your SOIL program or on the Earthaven Ecovillage Campground page.

Camp site in the Earthaven campground
Outdoor kitchen at the Earthaven campground
Food storage box at the Earthaven campground
Shower at the Earthaven campground
Compost toilet at the Earthaven campground

What to expect

Camping is primitive

The campground provides well water for drinking, a covered kitchen with propane burners for cooking, and an array of cooking ware and eating ware. There is also an outhouse with a composting toilet and hand wash station, and a propane-heated outdoor shower.

Campsite selection and parking

Campsites are selected on a first-come, first-serve basis. Your car will be parked within walking distance, but not next to your site.

Camping gear rental

SOIL offers sleeping mats and sleeping bags for rental to participants of SOIL programs. 

  • Cleaning supplies are available for participants to clean mats before or after use.
  • SOIL launders the sleeping bags once a year.
  • There are a couple of loaner tents that live in the campground, no guarantee on condition. First come, first serve.

Camping gear rental is not offered for other campers.

Assistance and communications

Your cell phone most likely will not receive service, though some cell phones using certain providers will get service in the valley. If there is an emergency and you really need to make a phone call, you may use the phone in the Council Hall to place a US call. This is a communal line so please keep calls brief and be mindful of sharing the space with others.

Kitchen amenities

The campground provides a covered kitchen with propane burners for cooking and heating water, kitchen cookware, flatware, dishes, dishwashing station, dish soap, dish towels, tables, benches, and an electrical outlet for charging phones. There are no lights, so have a headlamp with you.

Food preservation and storage

Bring your own food storage containers and a means to keep your food cold. The closest ice is available in Old Fort, about 10 miles away.

We share the woods with the wild, so we ask that all food be stored in airtight containers and/or your car to prevent the attention of critters large and small (bears, racoons, squirrels). We recommend keeping food overnight in a locked car.

No open fires

Open fires are not allowed in this campground.

Tent at Earthaven campground
Hammocks at the Earthaven campground