Wild foods expert Dimitri Magiasis

Dimitrios Magiasis

Earthaven Experience Programs Faculty

Dimitri (he/him)—naturalist, natural builder, and naturopathic doctor—teaches that wellness comes from cultivating a deep connection to the natural world.  Dimitri’ natural path began over 16 years ago when he followed his passion to devote himself to using the gifts that our Earth provides for food and medicine.  Since then, he has realized that having a deep connection to the natural world requires a life where the functions of everyday life are woven intimately into the land. Building with mud evolved out of Dimitri’s love to get his hands on the earth as an apprentice with Betty Seaman and Tautacho Muhuawit at Spirit Pine Sanctuary. His other passions are nature awareness, foraging for food and medicine, gardening, and supporting bonds that engender a tightly-knit community. Dimitri is also a Wild Edibles Guide for No Taste Like Home when he’s not tending the land and serving the community at Earthaven Ecovillage where he resides.