Flowing river with statue at Earthaven Ecovillage

Session 1

Recommended Books

“Radical Healing” by Rudolph Ballentine. Second edition is recommended.

“Diet & Nutrition, a holistic approach” by Rudolph Ballentine

Other Resources

https://zachbushmd.com/ – wisdom segments, especially on microbiome

               ION (Intelligence of Nature) – Restore – humates to help digestive system

Vandana Shiva – Indian environmentalist and activist

Info on Glyphosate test:  https://hrilabs.org/test-yourself/

Session 1 Assignment

  • Keep a food diary for four days in sequence. Time, amount, description. Bring it to the session for reference but you won’t need to share it.

Session 2

Zach Bush MD video about the virome:

Session 3

Session 3 Resources

  • For air pollution: https://www.propublica.org/article/toxmap-poison-in-the-air
  • For injection wells: https://www.propublica.org/article/injection-wells-the-poison-beneath-us Note this is a 2012 article…seems the # of wells has increased since then….only reference I could find for recent count is ~850,000 wells currently
  • “Living Rainbow H20” by Mae-Wan Ho, published by World Scientific , New Jersey, London, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei, Chennai ISBN-13 978-981-4390-89-7 (pbk) Quantum coherence of organisms; works because it’s all based on water. Water is almost infinitely flexible. “Water is the means, the medium, and the message of life.”

Session 4

Session 5

Recording of the main session
Prolog from the end of the session

Disrupters and Reintegrators

Lists we brainstormed in class

Disrupters Reintegrators
foods with glyphosateION
antibioticseating wild, locally fermented foods
air toxicitybreathing soil while working in your organic garden
EMFswalking barefoot, especially in the morning on the dew
pesticides and chemicals in foodeating unwashed veges from your organic garden
processed foodseating unprocessed fruits and veges
disinfectantsforest bathing
preservatives in food
Fear that viruses can hurt or kill usConsider whether to get vaccines for viruses
Isolation from other people (virus exchange and emotional impact)“Love your virome” bumper stickers
Pharmaceutical industries leveraging fearAppreciate the contributions viruses have made to our evolution
Learn about the virome
Healthy exposure to others for micro doses to viruses
Water – molecules arranged for a purpose, needs to exist in the delicate environment in which it evolved
fragmentation of nature from transport of water from afardrink plenty of high-quality water with lower surface tension (or vege juices can move into tissues easier)
we can be unintentionally uninformed when  research information is removed from accessread multiple people’s perspectives
lack of time to find and sort out informationlearn about how much your tissues are hydrated (Zach Bush)
take ION
limit exposure to EMFs
test your drinking water (Environmental Working Group has some information)
Synthetic medications (zenobiotic – never been part of nature) in the ground water
Breathing patternsbreathe lower in the chest
Indoor air pollutionopen windows (if outside air isn’t more polluted)
Radon in areakapalabhati breathing (shining skull)
Air fresheners, artificial fragrances (most chemicals not tested for toxicity)netipot sinus cleaning
cell phones, cordless phonesaccess to native EMFs – Schumann resonances
learn about the disrupters
BluShield https://www.blushield-us.com/product/portable-x-1/
Bryant Myers mat http://www.bryantmeyers.com/
read John Ott book on full spectrum light
if you need to be indoors a lot, get full-spectrum lights
go outside when you can

Low-hanging fruit

Easy actions we plan to take for re-integration.

  • Go outside
  • More juicing for better hydration
  • Taking 8-week Zack Bush bootcamp – working on water in cells.
  • Some supplements can help decrease surface tension of the water. A little orange juice, pinch of salt. Squeeze lemon in hot water with a little honey and salt.
  • Consuming any water that had already been processed by another plant or animal can get into the cell easier. Melons, cucumbers, lettuce, juice that hasn’t been condensed, milk. One teacher said that 80% intracellular to 20% extracellular is best.
  • Fortune delight– fruit juices and tea to add to water
  • Cell salts 6 x potency of Natrum Mur for hydration and Natrum Sulph to dry out excess fluids, such as edema
  • Coconut water
  • Moved to Earthaven – fresh water, clean air, outside time
  • Breathing exercises

Swami Ravi’s Five Favorite Herbs

  • Slippery elm – lozenges to coat throat for throat tickle
  • Tulsi (Holy Basil) – easy to grow. Lots of spiritual significance in India. Fragrance resonates on many levels. Use fresh when possible.
  • Turmeric – learn to incorporate it into your cooking. Toast the powders of 1 part turmeric, 2 parts cumin, 3 parts coriander and use as a seasoning for veges and dahl. Very good for digestion, especially beans, and easier to digest than just turmeric.
  • Black pepper – increases absorption of other herbs and foods by 400%. Can roast in oil a bit for a different taste.
  • Jiaogulan – a Chinese folk remedy. Called Southern Ginseng because it grows in the south of China. Immortality tea. Powerful and most gentle activator of ANPK (autophagy – ability of white cells to eat waste cells). Put one or two leaflets in morning tea – just do the things without rushing around. (Don’t use it if you want to just rest.) More kinds of ginocides than ginseng.