Cooperative Gardening and Permaculture Strategies

Sunday, April 18
3-5 pm Eastern Time


From poultry co-ops to community-scale milpa farming, to bulk feed ordering and multi-family seed saving rotations, to pooled financing and sharing big expensive tools, cooperation has an ancient history and strong current tradition in supporting successful land-based living.

We’ll explore real-life examples from Zev’s life, other U.S. communities, and other cultures as a starting place for thinking about how you can organize your family and community with some basic principles and insights to cooperate better and grow a culture and practice of mutual aid in your  gardening and permaculture aspirations.

Zev Friedman and Kimchi Rylander in the neighborhood garden
Farming in the milpa at Earthaven Ecovillage


Saturday, April 18
3 – 5 pm Eastern Time

The workshop will be held over Zoom. The workshop will be recorded and participants will have lifetime access to the recording.


Ingredients for a harvest feast



What’s Included
Tuition includes instruction, the workshop recording, and reference information.


We offer partial scholarships to black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) who otherwise would not be able to afford to attend. We understand that BIPOC experience more financial and institutional barriers to participation, and this is one way we are able to create more access. If you identify as BIPOC and would like to receive a scholarship, please contact us at [email protected].

About the Instructor

Mutual aid expert Zev Friedman

Zev Friedman

Earthaven Experience Programs Faculty

Zev is a leading permaculture designer, researcher, teacher, and writer in Western North Carolina. Almost a decade of study with world-renowned teacher Martín Prechtel helped feed his passion for regrowing our own diverse indigenous lifeways through youth initiation and ritual.