Earthaven Ecovillage Co-founder Arjuna da Silva

Arjuna da Silva

Co-founder Earthaven, Culture’s Edge and The Natural Building School

Writer, editor, designer, process-oriented educator, Arjuna turns 75 in October 2021 and is celebrating having landed at Earthaven, helping to build a sustainable community and non-profit education center. She designed and helped build an amazing natural house, and is still evolving ideas and programs for The Natural Building School and other regenerative methods and tools, including the future online practice group, Skilling Up for Conflict!

Arjuna received a B.A. from The New School for Social Research and almost got an M.A. in Counseling from the California Institute of (then Asian, now) Integral Studies. She studied and became certified in Alchemical Hypnotherapy with David Quigley, and has been a student of Arny & Amy Mindell in Process-Oriented Psychology since 1996. Her permaculture, natural building and community self-governance understanding has been generously fed at Earthaven.

These days, Arjuna is helping develop communication skills both at Earthaven and in the broader community using Restorative Circles and other cutting edge models. She is looking forward to a renaissance of natural building programs in the coming year. Arjuna loves flowers, herbs and fabulous scents! Her goal is to remain delighted to be here and now!

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