Natalee Facey

Natalee Facey


Natalee was born on the island of Jamaica, where she credits her love of nature, and her love of laughter, song, and dance as expressions of life. 

After living in New York City for several years, she began feeling called back to the earth and the wisdom it has to share. Following her intuitive nudges led to her visiting Earthaven in September 2021, where she had the undeniable, soul-felt confirmation that she was meant to be here. 

Natalee moved to Earthaven in June 2022 and is currently walking through one of her desires of supporting SOIL in programming that allows people to reconnect with their authentic selves through their connection with nature and community.  

Natalee has also been working as a Resilience Coach and Embodiment Healing Guide, helping people to alchemize difficult past experiences so they can reclaim their inner power. She’s a midwife, loving guide, and spaceholder as they move through their Rebirth process. 

While at Earthaven, Natalee’s looking forward to sharing wisdom from her lived experience, as well as learning from the incredible collective wisdom at Earthaven. She’s excited to see what else will unfold as she continues to dance through this calling to living close to earth again.


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