Extraordinary Realities — Late Registration

Introduction to Shamanism

April 6-7, 2024

Earthaven Ecovillage
Near Asheville, NC

Want to feel more resourced and supported in life?
Have a sense that there’s more out there, a mystery larger than yourself?
Seeking more connection with plants and the land?

Extraordinary Realities offers an experiential introduction to the essentials of compassionate spirit relationship, communication, healing, and divination. The workshop is based on the practice of shamanic journeying, which can lead to a more integrated, empowered, and sustainable life with direct access to divine healing and wisdom. These experiences are intended to increase communion with all our relations — whether two legged, four legged, winged, plant based, or beyond any conception we may have of who we can relate to.

Extraordinary Realities focuses on interacting with animal and human form spirits that transcend physical experience. These compassionate spirits are relatable manifestations of the Divine that offer wisdom and healing beyond ordinary human capacity. In the partnerships developed between each person and their helping spirits, great positive change can be brought into our lives and world – bringing us closer to each other and more in alignment with the rest of the natural world. The result can be an integrated, essential and transcendent spiritual practice, keeping us grounded in our full humanity and expansive in our minds and hearts.

This workshop is based on the common elements of many shamanic cultures, rather than any one indigenous tradition. Anthropological and archaeological evidence from all five of earth’s continents indicate the presence of shamanic practice through pre-history and into the current era. Shamanic practice is the birthright of all people.

This program is for adults and mature teens.

Bird soaring over Gateway field

I had no expectations going in and only elementary knowledge about shamanism and shamanic journeying. I learned so much! And better yet, experienced so much. A coming back to more of myself through a beautiful ancient practice. Highly recommend Peter as a practitioner/facilitator. A wonderful blend of grounded and compassionate energy.

Anonymous, Past Participant

Ghost pipe mushrooms
Log fire


The workshop runs from 9:30 am to 5 pm on Saturday and Sunday. (Plan to arrive 8:30 – 9:00 am.) Fifteen minute breaks at mid-morning and mid-afternoon are planned, as well as a 60-75 minute lunch break each day.

Each day includes experiences within shamanic journey trance states that include knowledge expansion, spiritual healing, and compassionate divination. Every practice includes time for writing of the experience and verbal sharing within the group.

I found this workshop to be extremely powerful. It opened in me a way of interacting with myself and my associated spirits that I had only dreamed about before. I feel that a whole world was just opened for me and with that a deep sense of empowerment to heal and grow as a person, as well as receive guidance from my helpers.
Anonymous, Past Participant.

Workshop group at Dancing Shiva

We offer partial scholarships (50% of the middle of the sliding scale) to black, indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) with financial needs who otherwise would not be able to afford to attend. We understand that BIPOC experience more financial and institutional barriers to participation, and this is one way we are able to create more access. If you identify as BIPOC with financial needs and would like to receive a scholarship, please contact us.

Sliding Scale Tuition

Because some people have more financial means than others, we have created a sliding scale fee system to accommodate a range of economic realities. The high-end of the scale reflects the value we believe the program holds, and the low-end offers a more accessible entry point.

By choosing a higher price point, you are helping make the program more accessible to others for whom the low-end may be cost-prohibitive. Please consider your needs and resources to determine what might be a stretch, but not a strain.


Tuition Sliding Scale: $250 – 350

What’s Included
Tuition includes instruction and materials.

Camping and transportation assistance are available for an additional cost.

Note: Meals and indoor accommodations are NOT available for this program. Bring a lunch and your snacks.

Well organized, constructive, informative, and accommodating!
Anonymous, Past Participant



Several accommodation options are available at Earthaven Ecovillage and in the surrounding area.

Cost per person: 2 nights $60

Campground Cabin Shared Lodging
Cost per person: 2 nights $80

Off-Site Options
Various options in Old Fort, Bat Cave, Black Mountain, and Asheville.

Sleeping bags and pads are available for rental for $15/set. Cleaning supplies to clean mats are available before and/or after use. SOIL launders the sleeping bags once a year. 

Read More About Accommodations


Food is not provided for this program or available at Earthaven. The lunch break is not long enough to get food in town. Please bring a lunch and any other food that you will want.

Cancellation & Refunds

If you cancel your registration, you may:

  • Donate your tuition to support our continued work
  • Request a refund per our policy:
    • 90% refund for cancellations prior to 30 days before the start of the program
    • 50% refund for cancellations prior to 10 days before the start of the program

If SOIL cancels this program for any reason whatsoever, you would receive a 100% refund.

Contact us at [email protected] with registration questions.

Crowdfunding & Fundraising

Check out our Crowdfunding & Fundraising page for creative ways to engage your community and launch a "Community Supported Education" campaign. This approach can help support your investment in yourself, your community, the planet, and future generations.


This program takes place at Earthaven Ecovillage. This permaculture-based community offers a unique living classroom where participants will engage with the natural world, eco-infrastructure, and the intimate experience of rural community living.

What to Expect at Earthaven


Peter Clark

Peter Clark


Peter has always held a fascination with the cosmos and the nature of reality. His compassionate helping spirits first communicated with him in dreams during childhood. His work focuses on teaching, facilitating shamanic healing, and assisting in the expansion of consciousness. Over the years, Peter has been involved in a number of advanced shamanic healing programs, and has been a practitioner working with others and teaching since 2005. 


Complete the registration form once per participant. It takes 5-10 minutes, and you will complete your enrollment with a credit card authorization.

After your enrollment is processed, you will receive several confirmations…

  1. An automatic confirmation of receiving your registration form
  2. A payment confirmation from our card processor
  3. Confirmation that your registration has been processed

Note: Program participants may not bring pets to Earthaven. If you have a service dog, please contact us to discuss options before registering.

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Extraordinary Realities: Intro to Shamanism

April 6-7, 2024
Given what's alive for you in life right now and where you want to go in your life, how would participating be most valuable to you?