Debbie Lienhart

Debbie Lienhart

Co-Director and Faculty

Debbie (she/her) is an engineer and maker, who was born to Northern European descended parents in Northern California on the indigenous lands of the Ohlone people. She has lived at Earthaven Ecovillage since 2007 on hunting grounds of nomadic family ancestors of the Catawba and Cherokee tribes.

Debbie has a lifelong passion for learning, including university degrees in geography, computer science, and technical communication. At Earthaven, she has been involved in governance, promotions, and partnership culture, and was a partner in the Useful Plants Nursery for eight years. She is currently applying her community radio experience to produce the Earthaven Ecovillage Podcast and drawing on her technical and management background to develop and promote SOIL online learning programs. Her current interests include growing fruits and nuts, and developing the cemetery in her orchard.

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