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Grief Ritual Financial Assistance

Ways To Reduce Your Costs for the Grief Ritual

We are delighted to learn of your interest in participating in the Grief Ritual with Sobonfu Somé.

SOIL is very honored to sponsor Sobonfu coming to this region; she brings a timely message to us about the importance of spirit, community, and ritual in our lives. And to make it happen takes immense financial and human

Our aim is to create affordable, broadly accessible programs. In doing so, we’d like to encourage you to stretch by considering the possibility of generating your own funds through creativity and personal

SOIL believes that when individuals show up to do healing work such as participating in a grief ritual, it maximizes the health of the whole… of our communities and family systems, and ultimately all of life. As our name suggests, we are invested in the foundation we all stand on… the soil, and are, therefore, committed to helping you to participate in this ritual experience if you feel

We hope that you feel inspired to get creative and figure out an energizing way for you to honor the time, commitment and sweat equity that is making this experience possible for you and your community. Please look within yourself and discover your own desires to contribute toward a mutually benefiting relationship.

Personal Fundraising to Reduce Your Costs

Raising your own funds can be creative and empowering. And making a difference in the world is essentially a process of asking for help. With the time and energy you invest in this way, your experience in this grief ritual will belong to you. You can create your own funding using some of these ideas:

  • Get sponsored-ask family, friends, or your place of faith to give you the funding; you can offer them an evening of sharing about the Grief Ritual and how it impacted your life.
  • Throw a fundraising party  - where you cook for your guests and tell them about Sobonfu Somé and what you intend to get from the Grief Ritual; you pass the hat and they make a contribution
  • Sell things you have that you don’t need – it’s amazing how much funding you can raise just by selling off items that you can move on - plants, clothes, jewelry, furniture, etc.

Work Trade and Scholarships

Our criteria for giving Work Trade & Scholarships are limited and priority is given to people who:

  1. Have fewer financial resources and instead can offer applicable work
  2. Do not have options for raising funds through their networks

We will prioritize requests based on the order in which they are received.

Work Trades

If you are willing to offer your time and labor to reduce your costs, then perhaps you’d be a good fit for some of the work trade positions. We could use help in the following roles:

  1. Fundraising/Donations – Use social media, email, and in-person contact with personal networks and organizations, and faith institutions for the purpose of asking for donations to support people requiring financial assistance to participate as well.
  2. Marketing and Outreach Support - Help get the word out far in wide. We are looking for people who have connections and access to community groups who we most likely haven’t already reached.
  3. Greeter/Registration- To be of service at the actual events (Fri-Sun). Arriving a bit earlier to welcome and sign people in, etc. Someone who likes interfacing with lots of people and is comfortable working with lists and paperwork.
  4. Food Preparation- Needs range from providing drinks and snacks for events to 3 meals/day for Sobonfu and staff. Looking for people who are confident in the kitchen and can accommodate restrictive diets.
  5. Site Set Up and Break Down- Pretty self-explanatory. Looking for people enthusiastic in a support role to make sure the spaces are made beautiful and comfortable and then left better than we found them when we’re done. Might require some lifting of tables and chairs, etc.

It’s also possible that you have a passion, talent or experience in some other realm that we didn’t list here that would be useful to the event, the School of Integrated Living, and/or its organizers. Please feel free to make note of such in the application or email us directly.
Apply for Work Trade

Be very specific about: 

  • Your desired work-trade role, and experience level with this task
  • Your need for financial assistance and why
  • The amount that you can pay for the event


We will be offering a few partial scholarships that will cover some or most of the cost of the event (it does not cover food, lodging, or transportation).  Work trades and scholarships are on a first come first serve basis. We prioritize scholarships for those with financial needs who fit one or more of the following criteria:

  • People of color
  • People with physical limitations who are unable to do work exchange
  • Elders over 65

It is our hope that each person contributes as much as possible to the cost.   Consider what would be a stretch, but not a strain, for you to invest in this personal experience. In this way we can support more individuals like you who are in need of assistance.

Apply for a Scholarship

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Most of SOIL’s classes take place at Earthaven Ecovillage, giving participants a hands-on, skill-building immersion within an authentic community-based, village setting. Tours of Earthaven are also available on a monthly basis, a great way to dip your toe into this long-standing, intergenerational social experiment.

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