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Curious how your own community and backyard can become your living laboratory? 

SOIL’s place-based relational learning approach meets each student where they are. This student-centered form of learning heavily emphasizes inquiry into topics of importance to you and your community. SOIL faculty source from the connections they intimately have from their place as a starting point while supporting students to learn from the connections and knowledge they have from their respective places. This approach of meeting people where they are and leading them into deeper and more profound connections with their immediate environment has yielded powerful results and ultimately helps us become more native to our place in the world.

Workshops range from one to ten sessions, depending on the topic. With each workshop, you receive access to the recording and resources to review on your schedule.



Permaculture instructor Zev Friedman teaching college group

Upcoming Workshops

Green-built house with gardens and solar hot water

Place-Based Living: An overview of the regenerative systems that provide our homes, power, water, food, and medicine

Saturday, January 30
3 – 5 pm

Visitors to Earthaven Ecovillage are often surprised to hear that we are not yet fully sustainable or 100% self-sufficient. In this online workshop, Lee Warren helps define the context and describe the journey of moving from a consumer culture to a land-based, place-based life.

Gathering circle at Earthaven Ecovillage

Finding Your Community Home

Thursdays, February 11 – March 25
8 – 9:30 pm

Intentional communities expert, Diana Leafe Christian, will lead you through an exploration of intentional communities, helping you find what you are looking for and also what to look out for.

The workshop has seven weekly sessions, each about a different aspect of intentional communities.

Compassionate communication

Compassionate Communication in Community

Mondays, February 8 – March 29
7 – 9 pm

Interpersonal communication is a core skill for individual and collective success. The closer you are living together, the more you need to be skilled in compassionate communication. In this workshop, Steve Torma applies the teachings of nonviolent communication to community living.

This workshop has eight weekly sessions.

Two women caring for a baby

People Care: An overview of the social, emotional, and relational aspects of village life

Saturday, February 20
3 – 5 pm

Culture at Earthaven Ecovillage is both intentionally and organically created based on both the people who come together and the purpose they hold dear. Lee Warren exposes the invisible infrastructure that binds us to each other, to the land, and to the ecovillage project.

LEAPs - Earthaven's alternative currency

Village Economics: The Ins and Outs of Money and Wealth at Earthaven Ecovillage

Saturday, March 20
3 – 5 pm

A viable economy is a key component to the success of all Ecovillage and residential community projects. Earthaven looks towards a more elegant, fair-share design for economics, which includes such things as right livelihood, living wages, sustainability, cooperation, and village well-being. Join Lee Warren and envision a new story about time, money, and wealth.

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