End of Life Planning & Paperwork

Honoring your life and your loved ones by preparing for your death

Each workshop meets two Fridays

July 9 &16, 2 – 6 pm Eastern Time
Sept. 10 & 17, 2 – 6 pm Eastern Time
Nov. 12 & 19, 2 – 6 pm Eastern Time


Preparing both internally and externally for our own death can help our loved ones know what to expect, guide our own process, reduce worry, and allow us to devote our attention, when it’s time, to the mystery and magic of the dying process. Contemplating our end of life wishes in a group builds a death literate community that can be supportive at every stage of the life and death process.

This workshop series will focus on death literacy and provide an overview of the entire spectrum of end of life paperwork with a core focus on the Five Wishes. The Five Wishes document is an internationally renowned advanced directive often described as a “living will with a heart and soul.”

Join us for this sacred opportunity to contemplate your end of life intentions. Honor yourself and your loved ones.

Mollie, Kimchi, and Lee with Kimchi's death documents

We highly recommend getting your end of life papers in order. Lee did a great job guiding people through this process at a pleasing pace while making room for people’s questions. Lee is full of knowledge and experience and she generously shares all her relevant resources to help you complete this process. Don’t procrastinate any longer.

Pripo & Rainbow T., Black Mountain, NC

Kimchi with her death team


The workshop has two sessions and will be held over Zoom. The workshop will be recorded and participants will have lifetime access to the recording.

The workshop covers:

  • The Five Wishes
  • Lee’s Addendum to the Five Wishes
  • Dementia Directive
  • MOST & DNR
  • After Death Considerations for the Body including Paperwork
  • Home Funeral & Home Burial Overview including Paperwork
  • Financial Considerations including Suggestions for Paperwork

Expect discussion, examples, engagement, stories, resources, slide show, and active encouragement in this supportive environment. You will start and/or finish much of the paperwork listed. Join me for this sacred opportunity to contemplate your end of life intentions. Honor yourself and your loved ones.

A minimum of 8 hours together is needed to cover these topics and engage in the paperwork involved. Sharing, conversation, contemplating, and discussion are an important part of this process.


This workshop was exactly what I needed to take next steps in preparation for my “demise”. I loved the format in every way. 

Mountaine, L. TN

Chuck Marsh's wake


Sliding Scale: $96-$170

Because some people have more financial means than others, this program has a sliding scale fee system to accommodate a range of economic realities. The middle of the scale reflects the value we believe the program holds, and the low-end offers a more accessible entry point. By choosing a higher price point, you are helping make the program more accessible to others.


July workshop: $170$145$120$96

September workshop: $170$145$120$96

November workshop: $170$120$145$96

What’s Included

Tuition includes instruction, the workshop recording, and reference information.


We offer 50% scholarships to black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) who otherwise would not be able to afford to attend. We understand that BIPOC experience more financial and institutional barriers to participation, and this is one way we are able to create more access. If you identify as BIPOC and would like to receive a scholarship, please contact us at info@schoolofintegratedliving.org.

About the Instructor

Lee Warren

Lee Warren

Faculty and SOIL Co-Founder

Lee is a sustainability professional with twenty five years of experience envisioning, designing, and living innovative solutions to organic food systems, intentional community, and sustainability education. She’s been living in rural, land-based community since 1995 and at Earthaven Ecovillage since 2000.