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whole-life skills for a radically different future

The SOIL Culture


The mission of School of Integrated Living (SOIL) is to inspire and empower participants to live responsible and creative lives by providing experiential education in integrated living and regenerative systems.


We envision a world where self-reliant, interdependent, and nature-connected people are deeply engaged in their local and global communities. These passionate people will make informed and responsible choices for their basic needs (food, shelter, water, and medicine), understand their impact on society, forge real connections with themselves and others, and ultimately contribute to a more sustainable and just world for all.

Structure and Services

SOIL is an educational organization and social enterprise focused on promoting life-skills and sustainability education through residential service-learning programs. Based out of the Taylor Creek Watershed in the Western North Carolina mountains at Earthaven Ecovillage, SOIL has the unique ability to host hands-on, skill-building immersions. Its physical, economic, agricultural, and social infrastructure support exciting opportunities for whole-life education.


Our graduates gain whole-life skills that deepen into embodied knowledge, which they then integrate into daily lived experiences. We populate the world with empowered, skilled, and conscious leaders dedicated to creating radical, regenerative change and healthy reciprocal relationships.

Service-Learning Education

We believe that sustainability and life-skill education is crucial for a planet in peril, economic collapse, and social fragmentation. Our philosophy of service learning successfully complements traditional academic learning environments. Hands-on study allows our students to create an authentic connection between what they learn academically and what occurs in the world, enhancing critical thinking and teamwork skills.

Experience a developing ecovillage for yourself!

Most of SOIL’s classes take place at Earthaven Ecovillage, giving participants a hands-on, skill-building immersion within an authentic community-based, village setting. Tours of Earthaven are also available on a monthly basis, a great way to dip your toe into this long-standing, intergenerational social experiment.

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