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It takes a village!

NikiAnne Feinberg
Director and Co-Founder

NikiAnne Feinberg has over a decade of experience with experiential, nature-based program development in both the nonprofit and academic sectors. She is the co-founder of the School Gardens Program in Santa Barbara, CA, which has been instrumental in implementing food production systems in over 30 public schools, serves on the advisory board of Quail Springs True Nature Society, and holds a BA in International Affairs from George Washington University. Traveling throughout much of Asia, the Americas, and Europe helped ground NikiAnne’s formal education with “real-world” connections and have shaped her cooperative cultural values and commitment to responsible global citizenship. SOIL is the manifestation and culmination of her life experiences in sustainable living, experiential-education leadership, and program management.

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Karen Budd
Registrar and Program Assistant

Karen has lived in intentional community for 10 years where she met and married her husband and home-birthed her son who is now 14 and home-schooled.  They currently live next to Earthaven. Karen has a BS in Psychology and a passion for personal growth work. She is a student of NVC and Byron Katie's "The Work" as well as a long time meditator.   She loves walking in the woods with her human and furry friends.

Carmen Lescher
Administrative Manager, Bookkeeper

Carmen Lescher is a "jill-of-all-trades" who is comfortable on the farm or construction site, around the kitchen, and in the garden or office. She has owned and operated a pasture-based poultry farm; worked on construction crews building passive solar, off-grid houses; and supported many small business with online marketing, administration, and event registration. Carmen is currently the Treasurer of Earthaven Ecovillage where he has spent most of the last 10 years as a dedicated and participatory community member. She is happy when she's cooking, solving problems, and practicing nonviolent communication.

Lee Warren
Co-Founder and Consultant

Lee Warren is a homesteader, herbalist, writer, food activist, and the co-founder of Imani Farm, a pasture-based cooperative farm focused on small-scale organic dairy and egg production. She is also a co-founder of Village Terraces CoHousing Neighborhood, a permaculture neighborhood “pod” within Earthaven Ecovillage. Lee has lived, loved, and worked in cooperatives since 1997 and has facilitated work-trade, internships, and apprentice programs for over ten years. Equally passionate about women’s empowerment, nourishing foods, and self-reliant healthcare, she is the Executive Director for the Organic Grower's School.

Mana Vermeulen-McLeod
Learning Catalyst

Mana Vermeulen-McLeod has been a resident and full member of Earthaven Ecovillage since 2007. At Earthaven, where she is researching the ins and outs of a thriving and well-integrated community, she is raising her family, building her green home, and creating right livelihood. Since 2009, she has served on the staff of the Southeast Women’s Herbal Conference. Within Earthaven Ecovillage, she is actively involved with orienting and integrating the flow of incoming volunteers, as well as facilitating the consensus-based Council (bimonthly business meetings).

Before earning an Associate Degree in Integrated Eco-social Design at Gaia University, Mana traveled and networked through Australia, the US and Europe as a WWOOFer (Willing Worker on Organic Farms). Because of their passion for the educational aspects of Earthaven Ecovillage, Mana and her partner enjoy the diverse international travelers that come to their doorstep every season. Since 2013, Mana has been a student advisor for Gaia Education, where she supports others in their explorations of how to contribute meaningfully to the world. Mana is originally from Holland and has made WNC her home with her family.

Tanya Siejhi
Communications Coordinator

Tanya has been contributing to the wellness industry for over 15 years, and has been published by Chron Fitness, eHow, and LIVESTRONG.com. She is a yoga teacher and founder of Healsci Yoga School, through which she graduated 38 advanced yoga teachers and provided continuing education to over 60 practitioners. Tanya holds a BS in Exercise Science and an MS in Real Estate. Her diverse work experience and cultural background forms an integrated network of colleagues that serve, love and inspire. Overall, Tanya is a creative writer who loves to sketch, hike and meditate outdoors in Nature.

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