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Study Away

Many colleges offer study abroad programs to provide an understanding of different cultural, socioeconomic, religious, or political beliefs. These courses often take students around the world, but SOIL believes that there are rich, diverse, and mind-broadening cultures within the US. Our partnership with Earthaven Ecovillage allows students to experience a new culture without leaving the country—to study away, rather than study abroad.

SOIL education at Earthaven exposes students to the cutting edge of sustainability education, ecological and social design, and holistic learning. This ecovillage offers a permaculture-based design system, hand-built homes, renewable energy production, conscious relating skills, do-it-yourself health care systems, self-governance approaches, and cooperative businesses—a culture radically different from the mainstream in many industrialized nations.

SOIL's study-away program helps students achieve the goals of multiculturalism, off-campus living, experiential learning, community-based education, and opening of minds and hearts within their own country. The benefits include lower costs, easier localization, and greater contribution to cultural transformation in the US. Domestic programs also minimize issues such as visas, immunizations, illnesses, language barriers, and international travel concerns.

SOIL offers Study Away through its Permaculture and Ecovillage Immersion

SOIL's Permaculture and Ecovillage Immersion is a residential service-learning program where students participate firsthand in the village, homes, farms, and businesses of their hosts and faculty. Through work and study, participants become intimately familiar with organic food production, regenerative systems, and community living. Read more about the program or contact SOIL today for more information.

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Permaculture Design Certification with SOIL

The Permaculture Design Certification (PDC) course at Earthaven Ecovillage provides a unique exploration of regenerative, nature-based design, grounded in a 22-year-old, community-scale permaculture demonstration site.

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