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Participating Farms

SOIL partners with several farms within or around Earthaven Ecovillage. These connections create a diverse and well-rounded learning environment in which our curriculum comes to life. Below are the primary participating farms.

imaniImani Farm, founded in 2004, is a 4+ acre cooperative farm integrated into a cohousing neighborhood within Earthaven. This small-scale, pasture-based, permaculture farm focuses on organic (and soy-free) dairy and egg production, perennial orchards, and annual crop production. The friends, neighbors, and co-workers of Imani live and farm together, trying to change culture and their own lives through radical responsibility, regenerative food production, and right relationships to work, health, and each other.

gatewayGateway Farm was founded by Chris Farmer and Brian Love. The two broke ground  in 2006 with a forest clearing, lumber processing, and barn building. They subsequently constructed a pond, water systems, off-the-grid solar electric system, and fencing system to support agricultural production. The vision for Gateway employs renewable resources to demonstrate and perpetuate the synergy of economy, ecology, and technology. For more information, check out the Gateway Site Plan. Currently, Gateway Farm is home to goats and a flock of Icelandic sheep.  Biochar production and vermicomposting are among the many regenerative systems being experimented with at the farm.

yellowrootYellowroot Farm is a biodynamic CSA farm that encompasses three acres across three Earthaven neighborhoods. The farm employs a rotational system of animals (pigs, broiler chickens, and laying hens), cover crops, and annual vegetables. Yellowroot was founded in 2005 by Andy Bosley and Julie McMahan, who manage it today.

Full Circle Family Farm is run by Leon, Geni, and their daughter Kayla, who have been farming their land for 15 years and serve as an ongoing inspiration to full_circleeveryone around them. Besides growing a wide variety of lush produce, they keep a Nigerian dwarf goat dairy, pastured chickens, a thriving orchard, and bees. All of the buildings on their property are hand-built, employ passive solar, and are off-grid. Experiments with selective logging, biochar production, rotational cover crops, large-scale compost systems, grey water ponds, bamboo production, and many other creative endeavors are practiced with high levels of creativity and ingenuity. Both Leon and Geni are Buddhists who bring their mindfulness practice to their cultivation, and they offer a beautiful zendo for interested meditation practitioners.

Check out Earthaven Experience Week

Join the homesteads, farms, and businesses of Earthaven Ecovillage for a hands-on, skill-building immersion in sustainable and climate-resilient community life. The learning journey weaves large-group discussions and classes together with intimate hands-on experiences in the village and farms alongside community members.

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