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Funding your Learning Journey

ask-for-help-to-remain-strongEducation can be a significant investment in your future, both financially and in terms of time and energy. We want to see you thrive and grow into an informed, empowered, and engaged change agent, and to that end we’d like to offer you these tips on how you can draw on a larger web of support in order to finance your SOIL learning experience. Of course, asking your friends and family, or even perfect strangers, for help with funding your education may be a stretch for you. While we recognize that it may not be comfortable or easy, we also believe that the choice to engage a wider support network will have many benefits.

By choosing to raise funds, you will:

  • Strengthen your resolve and deepen your commitment to this learning and career pathway
  • Grow in your awareness of the web of support that holds you as you walk this path
  • Build important relationships with mentors who can hold you accountable to your learning objectives
  • Raise awareness about aspects of life you're passion about or the important needs in the world

So, how do you go about raising funds? Here are some strategies that have worked well for others:

  • Write a personal letter to friends and family asking for donations
  • Create a fundraising campaign online
  • Ask someone to sponsor your program, and offer to pay it forward or help them out with a related project that they care about
  • Throw a fundraising party or host an auction.

Fundraising can be intimidating, but online platforms such as Wethetrees.com (which focuses on sustainability and permaculture education), Youcaring.com (targeted toward "compassionate crowdfunding), Indiegogo.comand Kickstarter.com seek to make it as simple and effective as possible to create your own Community Supported Education campaign.

For more guidance on crowdfunding, friendraising, and fundraising, check out these useful links:

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