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Compassion Camp Courses

Integrating ZEGG forum and NVC to deepen connection (Hany Nagib)
Coming Home: The spirituality and practice of foraging (Alan Muskat)
Loving Ourselves the Wise Woman Way (Corinna Wood)
The Friendship Game: An adventure in intimacy for couples, families, and communities (Steve Torma and Terrie Lewine)
Eco-Sexuality (Luna Dietrich)
Restorative Circles: A community based conflict and communication process (Steve Torma and Arjuna da Silva)
The Connection Practice: Empathy and insight for healing relationships (Cathy Holt)
Deepening Ahimsa & Satyagraha (Naryan Aron)
Speaking the language of unity consciousness (Ionsul Ferrin)
What to do when you’re too triggered to use your NVC skills (Jerry Donoghue)
Circling: The art of relational connection (Marc Beneteau)
NVC for Activism and Social Change (Roberta Wall)
NVC, Education, and the Care of Children (Samata DeCori)

Integrating ZEGG forum and NVC to deepen connection

The ZEGG Forum process supports the creation of a “new culture” by providing space for people to share deeply and be witnessed by their community in an atmosphere of honoring and acceptance. The goal of Forum is to reveal what is alive but not known to all. The community sits in a circle, forming a stage for one person at a time (who volunteers) to stand and show what is true for them. Facilitators may assist the person (or presenter) to reveal themselves more deeply. Afterward, community members may offer reflections, or mirrors, on what they saw.


Used in conjunction with NVC, Forum can be a powerful tool for developing empathy and compassion, for turning conflicts into growth opportunities, for clarifying goals and values, and strengthening all aspects of sustainable community living.
Hany Nagib awoke to his passions for freedom, radical honesty, and connection at an early age. This gave him the courage to leave his life in Egypt at 17, and create the life he loves here in the U.S. He has grown into a facilitator of all things that help people connect more deeply to each other, from intergenerational improv, to relationship coaching, to community mediation. He has practiced polyamory in many forms over the years, and uses that wisdom, along with his knack for seeing into the heart of the matter, to help people realize their dreams of joyful relationships. He lives in a co-housing community in Asheville, NC with his partner and two young kids who motivate him daily to seek the path to connection and joy.

Coming Home: The spirituality and practice of foraging

Foraging feeds us, not just with food, but with the knowledge that we are safe and provided for. Only then can we truly be compassionate. We are able to care about others only to the extent that we are out of fight-or-flight. Otherwise, deep down, we are always looking out for number one, strangers in a strange land, cowering and struggling in the true wilderness I call “Scare-City.”


The words heathenpaganuncivilizedwild, and savage all mean “one who lives in nature.” When we re-inhabit nature, that is, our own bodies, we uncover the source of compassion: our hard-wiring for empathy. To do that, we must return to our natural, calm-alert state. Foraging offers two ways to do this. First, foraging is a walking meditation, the original “forest bathing.” In the wild, both danger and opportunity are evident to those moving in mindfulness.


Second, eating wild food can be a practice of what Buddhist psychotherapist Rick Hanson calls, “taking in the good.” When we actually experience Providence, we regain what psychologists call secure attachment: in this case, to nature as a holding environment. And the one holding us is “Our Mother, who art The Earth.” Going back to nature, we go back to our true nature as loving, open beings. We welcome the world with open arms, and we find that it has been waiting all this time for us: for us to come home.

Alan Muskat has been taking people “out to eat” for over twenty years. In 1995, he founded No Taste Like Home, now one of the largest foraging education organizations in the world. In 2007, he co-founded The REAL Center with Steve Torma. He is the author of Wild MushroomsThe Haggadah Vita, and Coming Home. He lives in Asheville with his partner and at least one very fast chipmunk.

Loving Ourselves the Wise Woman Way 

Learn to embody self-love the Wise Woman Way . . .  as we honor and embrace our needs, we support our thriving! We will explore a groundbreaking earth-based healing methodology rooted in compassionate communication (NVC) and feminist spiritual psychology. Based in our bodies’ energy centers and the cycles of earth and moon, this Wise Woman Way offers an invaluable roadmap home to yourself. For women only.
A seasoned Wise Woman Herbalist, teacher, visionary, and mother, Corinna Wood is founder and director of Southeast Wise Women and the Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference—and co-founder of Red Moon Herbs. Corinna has a rich grounding of depth and breadth in herbal medicine as well as permaculture, non-violent communication, and spiritual psychology.   For over 25 years, Corinna has been practicing, teaching, and carrying on the Wise Woman Tradition, based in honoring women and the Earth. Corinna was also one of the early members of her home community, Earthaven Ecovillage, collaborating with others to bring a vision of sustainable living into manifestation.

The Friendship Game: An adventure in intimacy for couples, families, and communities

The Friendship Game is a process for two or more people to deepen their relationships through honest and transparent relational sharing. Each person in given the opportunity to connect with everyone else in the circle, one on one, as they are witnessed and held in compassionate presence by all present. By creating a ritual sacred space of intention to open ourselves to each other, The Friendship Game activates our potential to go beyond normal patterns of relating and create extraordinary relationship of healing and intimacy.
For over forty years, Steve Torma has gently guided our culture toward cooperation and regeneration. He is the former President of Earthaven Ecovillage, where he continues to live his passion for community and sustainability. He co-founded The REAL Center in 2007 and was a core faculty member of The Asheville Tantra School. Steve is trained in Nonviolent Communication, Radical Honesty, Body Electric, Cuddle Party, Restorative Circles, Permaculture, and Creation Spirituality. Through his compassionate presence and guidance, he has helped countless people to find healing, direction, and meaning in their lives.
Terrie Lewine, DC, Director of The Back to Life Wellness Center, has trained with The Center for Nonviolent Communication, The Human Awareness Institute, Restorative Circles, The Body Sacred, The Body Electric, Deborah Annapol, Cuddle Party, Oneness Blessing, Brad Blanton of Radical Honesty, and Donald Epstein, founder of Network Chiropractic. In her commitment to personal and cultural transformation, Terrie is a founding member of Green Village, Philadelphia's first urban ecovillage.


What if embracing our full sexuality could heal the Earth? It may just be possible that consensual, empowered relationships to our-Self and to Other will not only dramatically transform our lives, but save our planet.


Sexuality is not limited to an act we do, but rather an energy we allow. When we radically embody this energy, we often find that our pleasure compass, our deepest authentic desires are expressions that enrich life. Owning and embracing our sexual power is at the foundation of empowerment, but societal conditioning and dominator culture has placed layers of confusion over top of our true desires and pleasure potential.


Learn how to unravel stories no longer serving you and transform your sexual life force into birthing your wildest dreams...through choice, expression and ritual. With techniques such as meditation, movement, journaling, tantra, self-exploration, and intimacy games, we can learn to open up to sexual energy moving through us and to co-create our desired reality. Note that none of the exercises will be “sexual” and all activities are fully optional. The focus is on empowerment!

Luna Dietrich is a woman on a mission. Based in Asheville, North Carolina, she offers her services both locally and online as a sexual empowerment coach and teacher under the moniker Pussy Witch. A diviner of sexual energy, Luna provides loving, open-minded guidance to both individuals and couples, helping them to overcome shame about their sexuality, gain emotional and sexual intelligence, and engage in more conscious communication with the goal of experiencing deeper pleasure.

Restorative Circles: A community based conflict and communication process

A Restorative Circle is a voluntary community process designed to support those in conflict by bringing people together to dialogue as equals and find actions that restore wholeness to the community. Pioneered by Dominic Barter and friends in Brazil and now being used around the world including at Earthaven Ecovillage.
For over forty years, Steve Torma has gently guided our culture toward cooperation and regeneration. He is the former President of Earthaven Ecovillage, where he continues to live his passion for community and sustainability. He co-founded The REAL Center in 2007 and was a core faculty member of The Asheville Tantra School. Steve is trained in Nonviolent Communication, Radical Honesty, Body Electric, Cuddle Party, Restorative Circles, Permaculture, and Creation Spirituality. Through his compassionate presence and guidance, he has helped countless people to find healing, direction, and meaning in their lives.
Arjuna da Silva is an inveterate optimist, certified alchemical hypnotherapist, group facilitator, and visionary. She is a founding member of Earthaven Ecovillage and a co-director of Culture’s Edge. 

The Connection Practice: empathy and insight for healing relationships

In this introductory, experiential class, we'll grow skills of giving empathy to ourselves and others by working with feelings and needs cards. Learn the science of heart-brain coherence and experience how it lowers stress and helps us access our best thinking, including creative solutions to conflicts.

Cathy Holt has been learning, practicing, and sharing peace-making communication skills for the last twenty-five years. She is a certified coach and trainer in The Connection Practice. She is also experienced in teaching and leading practice groups for HeartSpeak (NVC) and has facilitated mediations for couples, families, business partners, and others. 

With a Master’s in Public Health and training in Biofeedback, Guided Imagery, Emotional Freedom Technique, Reiki, Preparation for Surgery, and more, Cathy helps people listen to their body. She is also a certified HeartMath coach and author of The Circle of Healing: Deepening Our Connections with Self, Others, and Nature (Talking Birds Press, 2000). For more info, visit Cathy’s website

Deepening Ahimsa & Satyagraha

As the foundation of NVC Marshall Rosenberg aligned himself with Mahatma Gandhi’s movement based on the principles of Ahimsa and Satyagraha. What do these words mean and how do we continue to develop the roots of our practice? Please join me as I share the lessons learned about Ahimsa and Satyagraha from individuals at Kashi Ashram who for decades learned at the feet of Guru.
Naryan Aron has studied, practiced, and shared NVC since 2009. In 2012 he founded Sustainable Way Of Life, offering life consulting for sustainable human development utilizing NVC and Permaculture. At the heart of both Permaculture and NVC is compassionate understanding and maximizing mutually beneficial relationships. Both empathy and symbiosis are pivotal to the sustainability of our species as well as our intra- and interpersonal relationships. 

Speaking the Language of Unity Consciousness

How does NVC remove perceived barriers and pave the way for a deeper heart connection? Is there a more cosmic purpose to NVC? In this workshop, we'll explore how NVC is a way of putting spiritual ideals such as Oneness, non-duality, and unconditional love into practice in everyday life. Can a way of communicating lead to personal enlightenment? Let's discuss!
Ionsul Ferrin has been studying NVC since 2010 and teaching it since 2014. She is also a Connection Practice facilitator and relationship coach. Her passion is fostering people's deepest emotional empowerment and freedom.

What to do when you're too triggered to use your NVC skills

Since NVC is based upon mutually sharing from the heart, what do we do when our hearts are close down with pain or conflict with another. This is when we need our skills the most, yet they elude us. Come explore some strategies to stay consistent with the spirit of NVC when the challenges of intensity arise.
In 2004, Jerry Donoghue founded the Asheville Compassionate Communication Center to support people to compassionately connect more deeply to themselves and others. His goal is to add more effectiveness, ease and deep intimate connection to your relationships than you ever dreamed possible by giving you sophisticated tools that you can immediately use to improve your communication and life.

Circling: The Art of Relational Connection

Circling is a group conversation involving 3 to 9 people that usually lasts an hour to an hour and a half. Available in over 70 cities and online, circling is about being seen and accepted for who we really are and feeling connected to other human beings and a larger whole. For more info, visit CirclingGuide.com.
Marc Beneteau is an author, internet entrepreneur, community builder, and self-described “love revolutionary.” The Circling and Authentic Relating Practice Guide is his third book, and it distills thirty years of research and practice in building community, emotional communication and the psychology of love. He has also written a love and sex manual for men entitled As Lovers Do. Read about his latest adventures on his blog.

NVC for Activism and Social Change

How can NVC fire up and fuel our activism? As NVC founder Marshal Rosenberg said, the world doesn’t need more “nice dead people...The world needs more people brought fully alive.” Let’s explore how we draw upon the principles and practices of NVC to empower, deepen and inspire our activism for social change.
Roberta Wall is a certified NVC trainer. In communities, schools, businesses and organizations, Roberta facilitates leadership trainings, public conversations, dialogues, mediations and visioning and strategizing sessions. With private groups, families and individuals, she offers coaching, mediation, classes and trainings that integrate NVC and mindfulness into all aspects of personal, family, communal and organizational life. Roberta offers her work in service of peaceful transformation of our world, individuals, families and organizations, and community and spiritual health and development.

NVC, education, and the care of children

course description coming soon
Samata DeCori is devoted to helping children practice speaking from their heart center of power. After receiving a BA in Elementary Education from Warren Wilson College, Samata studied education in India, with the plan of opening a mind-body-spirit-oriented school for children. She has been teaching at Odyssey School since 2008. She is also co-founder of Sangita Devi Kirtan, a group that meets weekly to share in devotional sacred music. 

Check out Earthaven Experience Week

Join the homesteads, farms, and businesses of Earthaven Ecovillage for a hands-on, skill-building immersion in sustainable and climate-resilient community life. The learning journey weaves large-group discussions and classes together with intimate hands-on experiences in the village and farms alongside community members.

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