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Place-Based Education

SOIL believes that modern society is often completely separated from the place it occurs, from the very food, water, shelter, and communities that keep it alive. Separation from others, from community, and from the natural world can loneliness, isolation, and depression. Furthermore, we believe that the environmental crisis partially arises from this disconnect. Living beings—our providers of food, water, and soil—are more than resources meant for consumption.

To counter this separation, SOIL programs focus on place-based education. Students learn to notice their surroundings, read patterns of the land, understanding the elements (earth, energy, water), and experience the cycles, seasons, and flavor of a region. Through our partnership with Earthaven Ecovillage, we connect our classes with a land-base, a people, and a local economy through real-life experiences. The skills we foster encourage students to become stewards, to reweave the connection between humans and the natural world.


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Join SOIL for this weekend exploration of how to incorporate nature into early childhood education. The conference is designed for beginners and experienced educators alike, as well as therapists, administrators, homeschool families, camp counselors, grandparents, and parents who have an interest in developmentally appropriate nature mentoring for children.

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