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Lee Walker Warren

About Lee Walker Warren

Lee Warren is a homestead farmer, herbalist, writer, and teacher. She lives a deeply integrated and authentic life informed by 16 years of community living, a commitment to regenerative systems, and a drive towards sacred embodiment. She is the co-founder and co-director of School of Integrated Living (SOIL), which offers whole-life skills for a radically different future through Farm & Ecovillage Immersions. She is also the co-founder and developer of Village Terraces CoHousing Neighborhood, and the founder and manager of Imani Farm, a 4-acre organic farm, both within Earthaven Ecovillage, a 320-acre permaculture community in the Appalachian mountains of Western NC. Equally impassioned about women’s empowerment, conscious relationship, and social justice issues, Lee is ever aspiring towards a saner and more vibrant culture, within and without.

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