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Group Education Tours at Earthaven Ecovillage

Group shotSOIL, in partnership with Earthaven Ecovillage, runs a Group Educational Tours (GET) program that offers year-round tours and experiential learning opportunities for student groups. We believe that service-learning programs successfully complement traditional academic learning environments. Hands-on learning allows participants to authentically connect with their world and embody academic lessons more fully, enhancing critical thinking and teamwork skills. 

SOIL views education primarily as a social learning activity. Our process of immersion into an active, living culture of sustainability solutions, critical thinking, and systems orientation provides a rare opportunity to see experiments in action. Please inquire about how your group can take part in the integrated life through Earthaven's GET program.

Program Ideas:

  • Hikes
  • Tours (general and specific)
  • Panel Discussions
  • Service-Learning Work Parties
  • Fireside chats
  • Community-wide potlucks

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Permaculture Design Certification with SOIL

The Permaculture Design Certification (PDC) course at Earthaven Ecovillage provides a unique exploration of regenerative, nature-based design, grounded in a 22-year-old, community-scale permaculture demonstration site.

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